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Wall-E. WE-all.

After trying and failing, I finally managed to see Wall-E tonight at Tinseltown (http://www.cinemark.com/theater_showtimes.asp?theater_id=504).

Wall-E is nothing short of beautiful. Its message runs so deep and profound that when you piece everything together, you’ll be increasingly amazed the way it all fits.

On the surface, Wall-E is about a robot tasked with cleaning up planet Earth because humans filled it with rubbish and turned it into a toxic world incapable of sustaining us. He meets someone and has an amazing adventure.

At the intermediary level, Wall-E is our world taken to its logical conclusion – our world, and ourselves, got big and soulless, and civilization got so selfish that even when we abandoned our world, we were too fat and lazy to notice what had happened to it. And among those people that were aware of this, they were the ones with real power, but were too busy keeping us fat and distracted to retain that power and, ultimately, failed to consider the death of our own planet of any significance.

Then came the big message. It hit me on the sky train home.

Note: spoilers from here on out.

Wall-E. If you rearrange the letters in a plausible arrangement, you get: WE-all. The name is much too clear in its intent. The screenwriter spent 15 years making Wall-E. Nothing is in the movie without deliberate intent.

Wall-E is about love. Wall-E was a lonely robot who's curiosity brought him to love. EVE came along and lit the spark, filled the one void in Wall-E's life that can only be filled by another. But it was only when EVE’s purpose was entirely conflicted that she began to notice Wall-E’s devotion. Wall-E did to EVE what she did to Wall-E.

Such was Wall-E's devotion to EVE that his motivation conflicts with the society of the Axiom ship. In his haste to pursue EVE, he shuts off one of the "distraction chairs", and brings someone out of their 24 hour stupor of entertainment. The chase continues, and someone else gets disconnected. Two disconnected humans notice each other for the first time, totally unprepared, with no physical or mental barriers to stop them. And they find they're attracted to each other.

Wall-E pursues EVE all over the ship and, in time, comes to disconnect the Captain, and then eventually the entire ship as a result. Thousands of people, no ideas or memories of relationships, meeting for the first time.

The name of the ship where humans lived is Axiom, which by definition means 'a self-evident truth'. Wall-E’s message is dire. We are turning inward in this society. We put music in our ears, entertainment in our eyes everywhere we go. We drug up on a daily basis, we don't strive to understand the opposite sex. We behave like idiots with expectations and preconceptions that doom us to misunderstanding. We can't even forgive people. It's an axiom of our times. You need only look at the city around you.

Wall-E's message is about human potential. It says "put away the iPod, the Nintendo DS, the work-day and social drugs". Check people out. Smile at them. Find someone to start that spark with. Make whole someone else's life and, in doing so, find fullness to your own life.

And that’s why Wall-E is such a beautiful movie: it’s a 1 hour 43 minute piece of entertainment and distraction, with one of the most amazing messages I’ve ever seen put into a movie before. Ah, the irony – a cartoon with a message more powerful than any non-cartoon movie since Network.